Home and Small Business Security Systems in Abbotsford BC and Surrounding Areas

  • Using new or existing hardwired alarm and camera systems with wireless parts where needed.
  • Add monitoring using regular telephone line or change to an Incomlink WIFI / LTE  Communicator that you can also manage using your cell phone.
    (Note: When you search and find the best internet provider pricing we will need to reprogram the WIFI part of your Incomlink.—Let us know!)
  • Our Alarm Company's goal is for our customers to own their Security System with reliable Canadian monitoring for one year at a time.
  • Check through Altec Security’s Web Site, make a plan, then call or email to get more information.

Ready for Ultimate Security?



Alarm Company

  • Why choose our alarm company?

    At Altec Security, we help you plan a security system to meet your needs. Our alarm company can start you with a basic security system and monitoring, and then choose to add to it later on if you wish. If you move within our  alarm company 's service area, you only have to cover the cost of installation and any additional parts needed. When choosing to protect your home, choose our   alarm company  here at Altec Security.

    Here are 10 reasons you should consider our professional, dependable monitoring system:

    ✓ A break-in or other emergency can be responded to sooner, allowing for more opportunity to take action

    ✓ The system will warn the monitoring station of any maintenance problems, e.g. low battery

    ✓ Panic or distress features are available in cases of a personal emergency 

    ✓ Monitored smoke detectors can dispatch the fire department providing a greater chance of saving your pets and possessions

    ✓ Insurance discounts are often available  

    ✓ Even if the loud outdoor tampered siren is disabled, the monitoring station will know that a break-in is in progress

    ✓ Any alarm smoke detectors, you add to your existing home regulation smoke detector system, can be monitored 

    ✓ For multiple users, it can provide computerized reports on specific incidents, such as opening and closing managerial reports, names of people who accessed the system, and unauthorized entry/exit times

    ✓ You don’t have to depend on neighbours to respond, or annoy them with a loud outdoor siren 

    ✓ System sends a daily test signal to verify proper alarm operation

  • Pricing

    Our Alarm Company Prices

    Base Monitoring - $240.00 per year 

    Note:  ( Monitoring  using a regular analog type phone line that works with DSC SIA FSK or DTMF CONTACT ID. Most phone providers can give you this on their Phone Modem port if you ask. Ask us for more information.)

    Extra features (Additional monitoring costs)

    Incomlink LTE -WIFI Monitoring - add $96.00 per year

    Connect2Go IP Monitoring - add $24.00 per year

    (Need to connect cat5e from alarm panel to internet modem)

    Supervised Opens and Closes - add $96.00 per year 

    Larger security systems may be subject to additional charges.

    You can get Emailed reports sent to you for free 

    Cost of Incomlink or Connect2Go Communicators Installed $199.00

    (Add $100.00 if not used for monitoring)

    Alarm Systems

    We often use a DSC PC1616 or PC1832 With hardwired or wireless zones.

    The basic system starts at $385.00 when you get monitoring with it (add $150.00 without using monitoring). You own this when we are finished so there is no increase in fees or penalties if you move or decide to cancel monitoring after the first year.

    Make a security plan and call us for more details and pricing.     

    Camera systems

    The camera systems we do start at about $2,500.00 -There are many options.

    Make the camera plan you need and call for information.

  • Can I still have my pets in the house and use my alarm?

    Yes, depending on the size, number, and type of pets. Also the layout of the area they are in. Some types of motions can be used.

  • Does my security and alarm system give me total protection?

    No, unfortunately, our alarm company cannot guarantee complete and total protection. It’s difficult for any alarm and camera system to completely protect everything. That’s why you need to make a plan of what you need or expect. Then we can discuss what we can do or offer some ideas.

  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy

    Our alarm company 's site does not sell your information to any third parties. Our website is secure and we only ask for your contact information, such as phone number and email, so that we can contact you about your order or if you have any questions. We do not require any additional information such as Social Insurance Numbers or banking information. For monitoring we only send your Applicant Information and zone list to the secure LANVAC monitoring station. At check-out, when system is finished, we require full payment by visa, master card, cash, cheque or other as previously discussed. Some times a deposit is required. All information is kept private.

  • Our Website

    Our Website

    All images and information on this website are either property of Altec Security or licensed. When visiting our alarm company 's site all customers are agreeing to appropriately using all content and following all copyright laws. 

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