Security Plan

Make a Plan to Secure Your Home or Business

  1. To start the process of securing your home or business, make a basic drawing of your home or business, and use the abbreviations below to mark the ‘Openings’.
  2. Use the ‘Devices’ abbreviations to mark the areas that you would like to protect or control.
  3. For the ‘System’ components, there must be a way of running a wire. However, ‘Openings’ and ‘Devices’ can be wireless.


W = Window

D = Door

SD = Sliding glass door

FD = French door

OH = Overhead door

T = Trap door


C = ‘Openings’ contact

M = Motion detector

SM = Smoke detector

HD = Heat detector

SL = Strobe light

GB = Glass break

PB = Panic button

W = Wireless, when in fr


P = Main alarm panel

KP = Keypad

AC = Power supply (plug-in)

SIR = Siren

TEL = Telephone connection

INT = Internet modem/router

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