Our Alarm Company Prices

Base Monitoring - $240.00 per year

Note: ( Monitoring using a regular analog type phone line that works with DSC SIA FSK or DTMF CONTACT ID. Most phone providers can give you this on their Phone Modem port if you ask. Ask us for more information.)

Extra features (Additional monitoring costs )

Incomlink LTE -WIFI Monitoring - add $96.00 per year

Connect2Go IP Monitoring - add $24.00 per year

(Need to connect cat5e from alarm panel to internet modem)

Supervised Opens and Closes - add $96.00 per year

Larger security systems may be subject to additional charges.

You can get Emailed reports sent to you for free

Cost of Incomlink or Connect2Go Communicators Installed $199.00

(Add $100.00 if not used for monitoring)

Alarm Systems

We often use a DSC PC1832 With hardwired or wireless zones.

The basic system starts at $385.00 when you get monitoring with it (add $150.00 without using monitoring). You own this when we are finished so there is no increase in fees or penalties if you move or decide to cancel monitoring after the first year.

Make a security plan and call us for more details and pricing. 

Camera systems

The camera systems we do start at about $2,500.00 -There are many options.

Make the camera plan you need and call for information.

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